The experienced professionals listed here have strategic, seasoned perspectives ranging from technology to marketing and business development. These advisors support the development of the processes and infrastructure that drive the community-focused suite of league management tools. They share the vision of building efficient organizations that provide a high-level of service to the communities they serve.

Laura Jarrell
Proven management, organizational and business expertise in non-profit start-up environment. Created and ran an e-commerce business unit to implement and support an e-commerce product. Conceived concept, wrote business plan and raised initial angel funding for women’s sports news, information and commerce Internet company. President of regional Coop representing over 27 individual business owners of hair franchises. Board Member of Palo Alto LIttle League. Two sons in Palo Alto Little League.

Howard Lee
Howard Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Founders Equity Partners, has more than ten years of experience in venture capital investing, and more than 20 years of experience in research, development, and marketing in emerging and established technology companies and research institutions. He was previously Executive Director and Co-Head for US Private Equity at CDIB Capital, the largest industrial bank in Taiwan. Prior to CDIB Capital, Mr. Lee was a General Partner at Crystal Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies in both the US and Asia. Board Member of Palo Alto Little League. Three sons in Palo Alto Little League.

Kent Libbey
A versatile senior executive with a passion for innovation, identifying new markets and driving product life cycles. Developed web communications service with integration into social networks and online media. Managed business development, support and professional services. Strategy-driven producer developing strategic relationships across multiple industries. Management consulting. MBA Stanford University. Two sons in Palo Alto Little League.

Peter Lonsky
Entreprenuer and innovator. Creator of LLMS. Helps small- and medium-sized businesses and community organizations effectively design and deploy web services and information. Years of hands-on design and project management experience allow him to evaluate projects and deliver comprehensive solutions. Board Member of Palo Alto LIttle League. Three sons in Palo Alto Little League.

Peter Pezaris
Founder and CEO of In charge of all product development and strategic direction of the company. Prior to Multiply, Peter served as CBS SportsLine's President of Operations and Product Development where he was responsible for technology and computer operations as well as programming and production. In this role, Peter oversaw the operations of,,, and, which serve billions of pages annually to tens of millions of customers.

Rob Terry
Having been a developer for PARC (Palo Alto Research Group) and USCF, among other organizations, Rob is a developer with a keen interest in interface/information design. He has developed and translated business needs into technical deliverables. As a technology professional, he has a commitment to leading-edge design and delivery of effective processes. In corporate communications, he focused on increasing employees' understanding and awareness of policies and programs.