When you evaluate your league's pre-season and in-season activities, consider the following:

"Our online registration, communication and league operations
have been vastly improved using LLMS."

Steve Stack, President, Half Moon Bay LL

The members of your organization must synchronize to register players, build teams, distribute game schedules, coordinate umpires and volunteers, service sponsors and, ultimately, provide an environment for young baseball players to enjoy the game. Maintaining a complex website requires technical expertise and support.These activities are supported by LLMS, a suite of web-based tools developed in conjunction with Palo Alto Little League (PALL), Califomia D52, since 2004. Efficiencies introduced by LLMS allowed PALL to reduce the number of player agents required to serve a population of over 1000 players each Spring.

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? LLMS takes a collaborative approach to your league's information management, defining and delivering tools and processes based on your needs.

Spring 2011 PALL Statistics

  • 1160 players registered online
  • 81 sponsors
  • 6 leagues
  • 771 games
  • $211K registration revenue
  • 74 umpires
  • 261 checks
  • 725 via PayPal

Our superior support and account maintenance simplifies the tasks of your Board and other league members. Intuitive, interactive processes foster participation and community-building. LLMS modules are integrated within a configured, hosted website or can be incorporated to enhance the functionality of an existing site. Either way, your account is maintained from year-to-year, providing an institutional memory surviving Board members that are replaced.

"LLMS provided the registration data and parent communication I needed to run a successful tryout and draft."
Mike Weller, Majors Player Agent, Palo Alto

Our fees consider your league size and operating budget to build a long-term, win-win relationship. We help you serve the parents, players, sponsors and others that contribute to your league. Clear communication, crisp processes and attentive support produce professional results. Your LLMS investment yields the benefits of time-savings and increased satisfaction.

Arrange a presentation of the LLMS toolkit for your Board. The transition/upgrade of your current site can be scheduled.

For more information, Download the Overview/Specifications document that provides more information about the modules contained in LLMS. Sign-up for a discussion or presentation.